The Last Chapter

September 27, 2021 0 By Mirm

Life is a story. Sometimes it is worth reading and sometimes it is more like an advertisement that is glanced at and thrown out. I want a life story full of meaning and not some boring drivel. A good book is one that I can’t put down and touches me. I want my life to be one like that – meaningful and interesting. But, here is the thing – if God is writing my story it doesn’t matter if anyone reads it but Him. I want a life that God is proud of and that He wants to read. I want the story that He is writing to be full of hope and purpose. I want it to have no regrets. The Bible says God actually is the author and finisher of my faith. But….

Does God keep writing? Yes. Does it feel like I am rereading the same page over and over? Pretty much. I suppose that I thought I had already lived my story’s climax and now it is the somewhat satisfying conclusion. I guess I figured God is really done with me. But is He? Maybe not. The Bible says every one of my days is recorded (Ps. 139) and that He is faithful to finish what He started (Phil.1:6). This could lead me to believe that my life is to have drama and happy endings similar to Hollywood. That simply is not true.

According to the stories of those before me, I know that it may seem like He put His pen down when it comes to my part. Like Joseph and Moses. Like Naomi and Ruth. While many people are just waiting to get to glory, God is still writing meaningful events with purpose. Do I believe that? Or is there something I am missing?

The reality is that while God is writing my story, it is not about me. I keep forgetting that it is not an autobiography! He is the hero. And yet He keeps writing me into the scene. He keeps including my life in opportunities to be the gospel for a world that needs it. It is ALL about Him. I am actually only a small part of the grand narrative. I have a story and I am not the author, which is much better as He is the Word! His story is the best story and it offers what no other story can: a place and no ending! God is redemptive and beyond comprehension. He loves me enough to write to me, in me and for me.

And if I look in the margins and read between the lines I see His handwriting all over my life. I see His kindness and I want to be worthy to be kept in the manuscript. “This is my story, this is my song – praising my Savior all the day long.