Good King Wenceslaus

December 14, 2021 0 By Mirm

This is a very intriguing Christmas carol because it does not mention Christ or Christmas. I used to wonder what it meant and who this King was? It turns out he is as real as Saint Nick. He lived in the early middle ages in Bohemia (aka. the Czech Republic). He was really a duke who loved Jesus and is known for his acts of kindness, especially his generosity on the Feast of St. Stephen, which is also called boxing day. King Wenceslaus would go around in the cold in bare feet to give food and coins to the people in prison, widows, orphans, the poor and all who had need. He went at night so as to not shame those who were receiving his help. His servant would go with him, walking in his foot prints so he would not be as cold.

Even though the carol is not directly about the incarnation, this godly man embodied both the spirit of the season and its message of kindness, selflessness and giving generously to those less fortunate. Just as this King followed the example of Jesus, the end of the carol is a challenge to all christians emulate this king and bless the poor as the best way to share the good gifts Christ came to give.