What I remember

March 12, 2022 0 By Mirm

There are many lives I remember: People who have walked through my life leaving footprints on my heart; voices that whisper kind words that I can still faintly hear; touches through deeds and presence that have given my life purpose and changed its shape. Some I remember by name and some I cannot. Last night I spoke by text to a friend whose heart is broken since her sweet daughter left this life and today I went to a funeral for a man who loved well.

Death is the worst. I am still devastated by its dark and cruel reality.

Today my memories are crowded with people whose lives I value and miss. Today lives are a memory. BUT… One day death will be a memory that I won’t even need to remember except for one – and it isn’t His death alone but the defeat that will live on. Thank you Jesus for ending our pain and making a way for us to celebrate your breath in our lungs FOREVER. May you get all the glory through my life.