He is Here

May 8, 2022 0 By Mirm

Have you ever taken a sentence and repeated it over and over emphasizing a different word each time? It is hard to explain how just an emphasis can make a difference – they are the same words after all – but it does change meaning.

HE is here- God is the He to whom I am referring. He created everything. He changes everything. He is everything – in Him we live and move and are loved. A God who loves. A God who delights. A God who laughs. A joyful happy being who invites into that space. A God who is able and who does whatever it takes to make us HIS. HE alone is worthy.

he IS here – There is something comforting in knowing that life is bigger than me and that I am not center of anything. The truth that I am really only a reflection of the True Reality and that, no matter what, it is a reality will never move is mind-numbing. He.will.never…leave, change, forget, etc. Because He always will love, favor, create, see, hear, provide, and BE.

he is HERE – How is it that such infinite love and wisdom would choose to be with what He created? I do understand a little of this concept because I love being with the two I helped create. I am still in awe of the fact that a Holy and Infinite Being wants to be close…to me. Emmanuel. God with us. God in us. God comes near and stays near. God is ever-present.

i am HIS. That changes everything.