June 22, 2022 0 By Mirm

I have got to keep clearing out stuff. But one thing I am not ready to push out of my life are people. I am not sure that is true of some people in my life. Has anyone else had someone try to give them the brush off? I have had people move and out of my life before. It is not uncommon for friends to be around for a season. It is not unusual to meet people and share meaningful experiences only to move apart. It is a natural rhythm and yet some friends stay and become family. It is the push back after a lifetime that I do not understand. I wish I could wrap my mind around it, but I cannot. putting up walls

I have at least one of these in my life right now. Not only is this friend putting up more walls than usual, this person is isolating more, making excuses, and thinking the worst of the people closest. Is it really better this way? Is it a defense to reject before being abandoned? Is it easier to live life alone? Why lash out at everyone who seems to have it better?

I am certainly glad that we have a God who does not ever give up on us. He purges the parts of us that we let Him on our journey to intimacy with Him. Even when we push back, walk away and try everything to minimize Him, He patiently, graciously and kindly pursues us. May I be like Him as I learn to travel lightly with baggage but with a full team of fellow travelers!