September 12, 2022 0 By Mirm

Today is my Birthday! I got a day off from work so I took the car for an oil change, did yard work, talked with my financial advisor, called the DMV for my folks, took stuff to Good Will, made scones and talked to a variety of friends. Then I went on a coupon spending spree to get birthday freebies… now it is time for the Dodgers!

Which was my happiest year since I entered adulthood? I am not sure I can name just one – Maybe 22 when we were married and had a year of it under our belt. Maybe 30 when we went to Barbados & Spain. Maybe 33 when Em joined our fam. Maybe 36? Home buying, moving to IL, completing our family with Clayton. Maybe every year has its best and happiest parts!?

Just finished one more trip around the sun and I am glad for most of it. There is always stuff that I wish had not happened, but I also know that my story is really His Story. He is the central character and I hope I play a supporting role that makes Him shine.

I want more of life. More laughing and wrinkles & laugh lines. More friend hugging. More surprises, serendipitous moments and spontaneity. More marriage (not for me but for my people). More family. More friends. More giving my stuff away. More walking, More traveling, More water (seeing it and drinking it) More sunshine. More star-gazing. More tea parties. More baseball. More Disney adventures. More listening. More passing mile markers and passing miles. More reading. More studying. More writing. More looking forward and backward. More of this-exact-moment. More years. More life. More. Here’s to 63.