The File Cabinet

February 19, 2024 0 By Mirm

So this weekend I continued to pack and purge in preparation for the move from Downey at the beginning of March. I purged at least 25 board games, which was tough for this game playing mom. I got rid of mugs, dishes, books and other “treasures”, but the toughest thing I have gotten rid of is the contents of 6 filing cabinet drawers. All the notes from courses taught, papers written and bible studies and curriculum developed and used are now on their way to the dump. Looking, however briefly, at things in Jim’s handwriting and the myriad of things written with that beautiful and brilliant mind was almost more than I could bear. I think it is a reminder of the notes I have kept that were written by people who have gone one ahead to heaven. When I look at them with their distinctive writing styles, squiggles and curliques my memory rushes back to a former time and place.  I want to keep it because of who it is from.

How like God and His word is this?! I want to have those same feels and thoughts, keeping and loving every word of what He has written.  I want it to be as familiar to me as all the things in my filing cabinet.