Family Friday #12: Holy Friday

March 29, 2024 0 By Mirm

Every Good Friday I am reminded of 2 sermons – one by Dr. Bob Brouwer on Judas and one by Dr. Tony Campolo on the Eternal Now. I cannot begin to summarize the totality of these sermons in one post but I will say that they were significant enough in my growing faith that their impact has never left me.

Tony Campolo talks about the Eternal now which goes somewhat like the following… Time is relative to motion. The faster you go the more time is compressed. At the speed of light your physical weight and size would increase towards infinity and all of time would be pressed in one eternal moment. There is no now in time – NOW doesn’t exist – it is the non- existent point where the past meets the future.  But with God there is always now as He exists beyond time; the past and the future are pressed into the same moment simultaneously. In other words, He is eternal and intervenes in time even though He doesn’t experience linear time as Jesus did. in Him there is no passage of time.  – all things happen now as if it was at the speed of light. And that is because He is light. For God experiences all of eternity in a single unified present NOW!

Bob’s sermon captured my view of grace, restoration and forgiveness. The sin of Judas was great; his betrayal of His teacher and Lord is completely wrong. And yet, restoration is more.

Every Good Friday I am reminded of past good Fridays I have experienced.  A bad day for Christ and a good day for me. Unthinkable. Undeserving. Unending love. Inconceivable. Incomprehensible. Ever grateful.