Family Friday 24 My Sister

June 21, 2024 0 By Mirm

What can I say about my sister that I have not already shared?! Today is her anniversary – married to Chris for longer than I was married to Jim.  Since the Friday posts are about my family memories, I will share a few about my sweet sister. First of all she is creative, beautiful and godly.  When we were growing up we often shared a room and we we did not often get along. But, she has forgiven me for how mean I was to her and by high school we had become friends.

In our house, with 4 siblings, we seemed to pair up for squabbles – sometimes it was the girls against the boys and sometimes it was oldest/youngest versus the middle two, and occasionally it was some other variation. But, my sister and I, the 2 older children who were both girls, were often compared, which was hurtful to our relationship. It really was like comparing apples to oranges, but it did not seem so at the time. I felt would never be pretty enough and she felt she would never be smart enough. And yet she is one of the smartest people I know as she researches and learns everything she can about so many topics including parenting, gardening, nutrition and food, health and oils and so much more.

My sister had mice in a hab-it-trail. She had a parakeet that she wanted to talk so she played the record on repeat for days at a time. It didn’t work and that bird never learned to say “hello baby” or “pretty bird”, in fact he rarely even chirped. Maybe he was deaf! Martha had a love for dolls and decor and had the most amazing flair with her doll house. Unfortunately we often had to share things (some books and dolls) that should not have had to be shared and it caused additional angst between us; you would have thought that my mom did not have a sister that she was jealous of and had to share everything!

I am so proud of my sister and I would just about anything for her.