Miriam on 34th St

August 23, 2014 1 By Mirm

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It is my 34th Anniversary so I decided to have a little picnic in honor of the day. Jim proposed at 34th street in Newport Beach on Christmas day in 1979.

I was trying to think of some clever way to remember and honor the day. There were several interesting ideas*… but in the end I listened to Mozart’s 34th symphony as I drove down. I ate chocolate dipped strawberries (it was actually a melted Special Dark because that was Jim’s favorite), which is the happiest flavor on earth and I reflected on the days we had together.  I wasn’t sad because my memories are not sad; I miss Jim everyday but remembering is comforting rather than painful.

Looking in the same direction as always – to JESUS; Jim just has a much clearer view.

O Magnify the Lord with me and let us exalt His name together. Ps. 34:3