Vin Scully Day

September 24, 2016 1 By Mirm

Last night I watched the celebration of the 67 year career of Vin Scully.  Amazing!

He definitely is the voice in my head when I am at a ball game; he could make the great word pictures and where ever I was I was instantly transported to the ballpark as I listened to Vin call a game.

I am moved by his responses; they speak volumes about his character.  His own modest reflection of his life’s work:

What I should do is be on my knees everyday giving thanks. God has been so good. I have received so many benefits. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve these benefits. I have gotten my health and my years and a job that I’ve loved since the day I even thought about it at 8 years old.  So, as I say, I’m a thanksgiving dinner; I mean it’s all I think about. I don’t think about “Boy, What a life!” except to think, “God, why have you been so kind to me?”

Kevin Costner gave a very moving speech & here is an excerpt:

We will miss you, my friend. We will miss you in our radio, in our cars, in our backyard. You’ve been a gift to Los Angeles and to baseball itself. It seems forever that you’ve been guiding us through your personal window into the game. For 67 years you managed to fool us into believing you were just a sports announcer, when in fact you were really a poet, a wordsmith. It was a nice trick, and after almost seven decades, you might’ve thought we would’ve caught on.”

Of course baseball will never be the same; but that is still a good thing because it is what it is because Vin called the games!