Forty Years of Thomsens

May 5, 2019 0 By Mirm

I remember the day you got married. It was so fun and an honor to be there! There are not many who make it to 40 years; but even more there are not many who make it so well, so strong, so beautifully as you have.

Here are some of my memories (narrowed down to 40…) – your wedding – my wedding – our babies – Brittany – Chad – Emily – Clayton – picking berries – smashed pennies – Arizona trips – hikes – prayer – visits – making furniture – making games – playing games – sharing meals – Best.Custard.Ever. – “special” days and dates starting 7.7.77 – Disneyland – church – cancer – beach – bikes – making memories and sharing stories – weddings of our kids – grandbabies – Burney Falls – Alaska Cruise – Ketchican boat fiasco – Diet Dr. Pepper – Jesus – missions – Santiago canyon – sharing heartaches and loss – mexican food (without onions) – parenting our kids – Bible – late nights – heart treasures – stolen monitor in Chicago – sharing our friends – overalls – nativities – history – family – many more to come…

It is dangerous to make an analogy to an expert, especially when one does not understand all the details, but I am going to take the risk. (I am trusting that what I say will make sense and that you can see my simple perspective) I am not telling you anything you don’t already know when I say there are different styles and levels of quality pieces of furniture. There are the cheap, functional pieces made of pressboard or worse that don’t last but get the job done and there are well-crafted, solid pieces that are works of art and can be passed down and enjoyed for generations. Both serve a similar purpose; yet I don’t know many that would choose the cheaper if they can have the better. Most of us want the furniture that lasts and is passed down to the next generation.

I think marriage is like that. Think about what it takes to create a classic piece of furniture, choosing the design, choosing the wood, maintaining the tools, learning techniques, working backward and patiently. You two have created a beautiful godly marriage and family that is like a well crafted piece of furniture. You have made and used the right tools, cared for, dusted and polished it, buffed out the scratches and more to create a legacy that will last. Your relationship is a great example of the process: tacking the hard tasks first, working patiently, designing something useful and beautiful together that is pleasing, long lasting and a work of art. I love you both and I treasure you. I thank God for such a stunning work of art in your marriage. It is a gem of great value – a RUBY!

With admiration and joy – Miriam