31 Flavors of Connor

March 2, 2021 0 By Mirm

How is it possible that you have hit your thirties and have been my son-in-love for 6 years?!

I am blessed to have you in our family and I want to wish you a happy birthday!

This has been a rough year. I am so sorry for all the pain and struggle you have had, not only since you got let go from Crosspoint but also through the pandemic. I learned to love more things about you in the 6 months you and Emily lived with me. In random order:

  1. You are a hard worker. You kept trying to find jobs, make money and hold your head up in spite of all the obstacles.
  2. You behaved honorably with a church that did not honor you.
  3. You are a good student, learning new things and considering new viewpoints
  4. You are talented.
  5. You are a good cook/griller.
  6. You are honest. Thank you for sharing even some of the heartaches.
  7. You deal well with stressful situations.
  8. You keep working on your relationships…with God, friends, Em.
  9. You are courteous and helpful.
  10. You don’t give up – you are resilient
  11. You love God.
  12. You are respectful.
  13. You try hard, even your best when possible. That is resourceful.
  14. You pray.
  15. You have a quirky sense of humor.
  16. You listen well.
  17. You are learning to care for yourself and believe you are worthy.
  18. You make great coffee.
  19. You play to your strengths
  20. You love family.
  21. You care about other’s opinions and feelings
  22. You are called. chosen. God will continue to redeem what has been broken.
  23. You are upright
  24. You are uncomplaining
  25. You are fun to play games with
  26. You are principled.
  27. You are hopeful
  28. You are needed
  29. You are personable
  30. You you are humble
  31. You are loved