Where are You?

August 16, 2021 0 By Mirm

Life is hard. I am often overwhelmed by it – There is so much going on that I do not even know how to pray – Haiti is under rubble and storms rage nearby. Innocent people in Afghanistan are under intense persecution without a safety net. People are infected with Covid – even though they have practiced all the “right” protocols. Marriages are being destroyed by a culture that has broken care and value of human relationships beyond repair. The political climate in this country continues to divide communities, churches and families. The isolation continues to bring people to the edge of despair. Drought, fires and storms continue to rage.

I wish I could trust that this is all indicative of the last days talked about in the Bible, but other times in history have been even darker and we are still here. Are you listening God? Do you see? My complaints are petty and my perspective is myopic at best, but some days it is hard to remember that God is still on the throne and that He is all-knowing, all powerful  and all-knowing. Lord, Forgive me and help my unbelief. Even more I ask that you would show up. Fix this mess. Stop the madness. Get the Glory. Amen.