Mom at 88

March 13, 2023 0 By Mirm

Today my mom has a birthday. If you know my mom you know it will be a day filled with friends, eating out and strawberries in some fashion. This is her first birthday without my dad. She will busy and well loved but there will be an ache; I know I have been there. Moms have this unique perspective on the world and their kids. Even though the perspective changes, as well as the responsibilities, the nurturing, the relationship and the sense of “home”: is wrapped up in a mother. Always.

For better or worse my mom has shaped my values and my faith, my friendships and even my physical appearance (“it’s an old family trait”). For all the good and all the challenges I am grateful for this woman I call mom. I am happy to celebrate her and I thank God for the lifelong blessing

Happy Birthday mom! I love you!