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Mother’s Day 2017

So I went to church and then Clayton and I went to see Grandma for Mother’s day!  We wandered around Roger’s Gardens.         After work, Emily and Connor met us for Dinner.   Mom, I just don’t understand the soap from a casino!  Odd, even from you!

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If I could do it over…

I never wanted to be a mom (which is the subject of a different blog post discussion), but… If I could be a mom all over again – I would!  That does not mean that I want babies again.  Rather, I want MY babies again!  I would love to relive the milestones, the experiences and most…

By Mirm September 5, 2016 0

23rd anniversary of becoming a Mom

Today is Emily’s Birthday!  I made her scones even though she wasn’t home in the morning as the 22 years prior!  Then tonight Connor invited us to join them at Rain Forest Cafe for dinner.  One of Emily’s favorite restaurants growing up!  It was fun!  I will also say that is was a very odd feeling…

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