My New Invention!

It started with uploading a picture for my IPad of Walt Disney and Shirley Temple.  The page that came up included a recipe for Shirley Temple cupcakes, which Katherine and I decided to try while she was out visiting this weekend. Well, being the big tea and scone fans that we are, in addition to…

By Mirm January 9, 2012 4

Happy New Year! 2012!

Today is traditionally the time for new beginnings, fresh starts and resolutions.  Last night we spent with our friends the Terry’s and we celebrated the new year in England, Rio de Janiero, Buenos Aires, Barbados, and New York.  Then Emily and I celebrated in Chicago and Scottsdale before I fell asleep! 🙂 Last night was…

By Mirm January 1, 2012 2

Mirmmade Tales… be continued?

Well, I have kept this blog barely alive for a year and now I am trying to decide if I am going to keep it going or not.  I don’t think it will matter much since not many people follow it (except I get a ridiculous amount of spam), and I am processing several other…

By Mirm December 28, 2011 1

Annual Update

Jim is the one who took care of the Christmas card and letter updates every year.  So, now that I am in charge, you are lucky to get anything at all.  Having said that, I do know that many of you have asked about how we are doing and wishing you had an update. So…

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May it always be Christmas in your heart!

Merry Christmas 2011!  We are trying to make new traditions, which time honored traditions to keep, and to enjoy our celebration without Jim.  Last year was a blur since Jim had just left us for heaven and everything ached.  This year we are still finding it is difficult since Jim left a huge hole in…

By Mirm December 25, 2011 1

Fullerton Rangers and Fullerton High Varsity soccer

Clayton is loving soccer!  We spent Thanksgiving weekend in Las Vegas for a Soccer tournament and now the school season has begun! Clayton’s club team remains undefeated in back to back seasons and last night the FUHS Varsity won the Brea Soccer Tournament!  I am definitely a soccer mom! I am so loving it!  Jim…

By Mirm December 10, 2011 2

Variations on a Theme

It all started “back in the day” when we took the youth group on a trip and forgot the graham crackers.  All we had were Oreos and Double Stuffed Oreos so we had “Smuffs” and “Smoreos”.  After that we intentionally tried all kinds of combinations on other trips and activities.  At The Bonfire, in memory…

By Mirm November 13, 2011 1

The ABC’s of Jim Mohler

In Honor of the Anniversary of Jim’s Birth  11/8/55 Amusing* Brilliant *Creative* Dad *Encourager* Faithful *Godly* Husband* Integrity* Jazzy *Kite flyer* Lover *Magical* N-tertainer* Original* Puppeteer *Quest for Christlikeness* Rythmic *Strong Leader *Teacher* Unique *Valiant *Wise* Xtra- Smart *Youthworker *Zany

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Further Up and Further In

One year ago today Jesus carried Jim to heaven!  Today I know he is continuing to move “further up and further in” and for Jim the real adventures are just beginning!  We too are moving further up and further into our grief. I guess enough people told me that the first year would be the…

By Mirm November 5, 2011 1

Jim’s One Year “Going Home” Anniversary

Hey Everyone!  In case you are out of the loop….Or don’t have access to Facebook :  I wanted to invite you to : Jim’s One Year “Going Home” Anniversary Saturday, November 5  6:00pm – 9:00pm Huntington State Beach, CA near Magnolia This is a Save-the-Date notice! Bring your dinner or the fix-ins to cook over…

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