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2020=40 YEARS

I told myself I wasn’t going to say anything this year but I am taking it back. Today is the tenth anniversary of my last wedding anniversary! Aug. 23, 1980. 4 decades (aka 2 score) ago I married James William Mohler. It is hard to reminisce publicly because I have the sense from some comments…

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A Quarantine Wedding

There are so many ripple effects of the COVID 19 pandemic. One of them is that it has become the very unwelcome wedding guest as couples have to scrap their plans, can’t honeymoon and are unable to get a wedding license. Saturday, April 18th was the date Dale and Megan set long ago. It was…

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39 Years

For the past 9 years I have tried to have some creative angle on how to celebrate our wedding anniversary without Jim. It might seem a weird thing to honor and yet remembering Jim is what I do anyway. Marriage is a big deal and I am grateful for the one I had. So I…

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I need a new word

Sometimes I miss you because you made me laugh Sometimes I miss you because I have a question that I know you would be able to answer I miss someone else helping me with chores and responsibilities; making goals, plans and sharing plans and my day at the end of it. I miss cooking and…

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After Us I heard a statistic when I was first widowed that every cell in my body would be replaced in a seven year span, so that none of my cells now would ever have “known” Jim. I googled that and it is not true! Seven is just a number and on the other side…

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Get over it

This would have been our 37th wedding anniversary; it is one of those weird things that I am not sure how to word. I am never clear on which verb tense I should use or whether or not I should keep counting the years at all.  It is so confusing sometimes! I used to say…

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Spouse Day!

Today is recognized as Spouse day.  It originated as a nod to military spouses but is set aside recognize the value of your spouse, being thankful for the support and security of this unique long term relationship. Speaking as one who misses hers, please cherish one another as long as you can!

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Jim’s digital footprint

The other day I was approached by a Facebook team and asked if I would be willing to give an interview about my experience with a Memorial page on the social media site, because of the way I memorialized Jim’s Facebook page. I was happy to oblige as I was hoping they would allow me…

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